Skylar Dunford


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Skylar Dunford

Real Estate Investor, Property Manger, and Professional Landlord from Ontario

Skylar Dunford is a real estate investor and rental property specialist. With years of experience in rental property management, landlord-tenant conflict resolution, remediation of complex  multi-residential problems and eye for opportunity in joint venture investment opportunities, Skylar has proven to be a formidable investor and business owner. 

Skylar started in the cleaning and exterior maintenance business with his own company in Hamilton Ontario. Although he was operating it successfully and growing steadily, he constantly found himself tied in with debts and stress related to business expansion and growing family obligations. But with his growing business, Skylar learned the value of strong relationships and partnerships with like minded hard working people. This eventually led him to connect with active real-estate investors who had him realize the true value of his service to which all homeowners could benefit from. With this understanding, Skylar found he had an advantage in real-estate through his growing network and understanding of rental property operations, leading him towards his desire to become a real estate investor and entrepreneur. 

At the age of 24 in 2017, Skylar partnered up with The Professional Landlord Group and Spotted Properties Inc. bringing his expertise and experience to a growing group of real-estate professionals. Within 3 years, he has acquired 4 rental properties and eliminated all loose debts to his name. 

Today, Skylar continues to invest in properties while handling the day-to-day real estate operations through joint management of Spotted Properties Inc. and paralegal services specializing in rent collections and landlord advocacy. 

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Is it your first investment or the 100th? Let Skylar walk you through it.


More than just leasing, Skylar gives the best advice in responding to the needs and behavior of the market.


Skylar can introduce you to the ins and outs of how the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) works.


There’s no fast train to reach the peak but surely you can speed up your growth and enhance your finances.


Quickly learn why multi-family homes are the best type of income property for building income and wealth!


From the smallest up to the biggest decisions renovations. Skylar helps you envision a better property.

Professional Skills

What makes Skylar a reliable Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Professional Landlord, and Business Coach? He’s got the skills!

Analytical Skills​ 92%
Design Thinking 92%
Communication 98%
Finance 95%
Organization and planning 91%

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